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The property investment club international aka PICI is a subsidiary of Manny groups Limited  and manage​ by E-Manny Nigeria limited that focuses on giving both high income earners and low income earners an opportunity into the property market through their individual shares holdings in E-Manny property portfolios.

 A member of the club is admitted after checks are carried out and member agrees to the rules and constitution of the PICI. Such member  then qualifies to buy shares of ongoing property projects as stipulated by the club Exco.

At the maturity of the investment or sale of the property as the case maybe, profits are then shared to individual members accordingly as written in the clubs rules and constitution.

How to become a Member

Membership of the PICI can only be accepted when an individual is introduced and seconded by one of executive members.

A prospective PICI member must attend at least one introductory or induction meeting that is informative sections hosted every 2 weeks by the PICI team. 

Its only after such meeting can a prospective member fill out membership form  with  payment of 30,000 naira ( $50) joining  and subscription fee . (Non Refundable).

Once payment and membership form  is received, its then processed by the Executive committee where checks are carried out within 3 days. Then final decision is made for acceptance with letter of acceptance and payment request is formally sent for 1,000,000.00 naira investment club share for full membership.

Please request for account details for all payment from the admin.

New membership form link

PICI Rules and Constitution

Membership invitations

We encourage members to invite friends and families to participate as the clubs remember a network of friends and families, which makes it unique and legally binding in its operations. Hence there incentives for members who invites friends to become members.

Why property investment club

Property has remained one of the most stable form of investment  worldwide hence more and more people continues to seek for opportunity to be involved, unfortunately not everyone has the finance needed thus millions loss out on such opportunities. 

The PIC gives such people the opportunity to start building their property portfolio and ROI over time.


In all forms of investment there are risk involve due to uncertainties with the global market or economy thus there never full guarantee of investment.

 However property investment over the years has shown stability amongst others. 

PIC will always invest into property to avoid risk.


MEMEBRSHIP is open to all but limited to those willing to abide by the club rules and policies. In 2022 PIC will only have 100 members only.

Joining Fee

You can become a member of the club with a registration fee of 30,000 naira non refundable and investment start up fund of 1million naira or more. You can request for a form along with the policy and by law to be sent once to your email.  Use the contact form on your right page for request of form or any question.

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Our Team

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Helen Agholor

Director of Projects

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Director of Finance

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Human Resource
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