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Solar Energy Installation

Experts in the install of Solar PV Systems & Battery Storage solutions.

We service the whole of the Nigeria...

Offer the best quality panels and products

of UK standards and trained British engineers.

We offer a free onsite visit for jobs...

Home Solar System

We provide various ranges of solar systems that includes panels, battery and inverters for our clients with after sale service .

Solar Street Lights 

We offer solar street lights for individuals and businesses requirements.

Remote Solar Systems

We have remote solar systems for military needs or out door events managers.


Past Project in Lagos

This is one of our recent project that was commissioned in 2018 with 340 panels installed for a 32 flats service apartment located in Ikeja lagos.

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

1.5 KVA Solar


the price includes

Best Package Offer

1.5kva Inverter

2 Batteries

2 Solar panels

1  charge control

2.4KVA Solar


The price Includes

Recommeded for 3/4 Bed House

2.4 kva Inverter

2 Batteries

8 solar panels

1 Charge control

5 KVA Solar


price Includes

Best for Busy Homes

5 kva Inverter

5 Batteries

16 solar Panels

I charge contro

Our Aim

WE aim to become one of  Africans power generator through solar energy and others forms renewable energy supplies.

E. Agholor Manny Groups Limited

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