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Abuja Project

Why invest in property share

Property share gives a great opportunity to:

  • Buy affordable percentage of our property in best locations 

  • Get paid yearly without tenant problems

  • Gives you  a place to stay while visiting Nigeria

  • No more huge invest worth millions building property.

  • You now have a secured rental income when retired

  • You are allowed to sell your investment after 5 or 10 years.

Join Manny Property Club 

Property Share is only available to Manny Property Club members hence its important to join the club if not yet a member to be able to invest. Join by filling out the necessary form. LEARN MORE

Chose A Property

After qualifying for membership, your next step is to chose a property from our list of properties available in various locations which includes UK, US and Nigeria.

See our list of available properties...


Buy Property Share

Our property share are in unit formats that makes up the total share allocated to each property depending on the value of the property. For example a £120,000 property will have 120,000 units of shares allocated, hence a client buys units which depends on their choice. To buy shares, 10 percent of investment values is deposited and 

required forms are filled out while all legal accepts are meant before transfer of funds to Manny Groups Accounts.


Yearly Payouts

Manny Property will pay out on the agreed interest on a yearly basis into clients account. The payout is a particular property a client buys into and not all of the property in Manny Groups portfolio...

Staying at the Property

All club members with property shares have a 14 days maximum stay in a property they own shares in, at 50 percent discounts of the charges while the reservation is done 28 days before...



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Kent United Kingdom

DA16 3HQ

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