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Property Share Investment 

Making property investment easy for all...


Manny Groups Property Share Investment opportunity is a unique property investment made easy for hard working individuals with minimal to medium capital capability. 

Thus, giving them a low entry level for a well sourced property by our in-house experts with long standing knowledge and expertise in the property investment market.

The ROI could be up to 35 per cent over a set period of 10 years with buy back options after 5 years. You take advantage of the current booming property market now than in the future by investing as little as 1 percent of the property value as the case may be...

Manny Groups is a well-recognised UK registered company with over 15 years experience of working low to medium income individuals. 

Start investing as little as 1 percent of the property value and receive ROI of up to 75 percent over 10 years...

Why Property Share Investment

The goal of every individual is to buy a property at some point in their lifetime. However, so many people never get to accomplish this important goal mainly due to lack of funds or information on investment opportunities.

As a result of this problem, Manny property has come up with a solution called the property share investment. That is open to everyone with minimal investment capability, thus giving them opportunity to fulfil their lifelong dream of being on the property ladder.

Bespoke Products

This is a low entry investment opportunity with yearly return on investment and a buy back options after 5 years. this opportunity will enable you to enjoy a complete hands off property share investment with passive income with our burden of tenants or maintenance. Manny property takes full responsibility from on go.

Our properties is majorly used for service accommodations hence giving high returns for you with likely yearly increment than can be achieved with the traditional long term rental model.

Hence our properties are located around cities and best locations.

Make the best decision today by taking this great opportunity to grow your finance...

Our Process

1. Consultation

Our process starts with consultation with a prospective client without obligation or cost to ascertain your goals and property choices available. All questions are asked and answered at this point by in house team.

2.. The Deposit

Once you are happy with the consultation and happy to go ahead with your investment an initial deposit of 30 per cent of investment is made which enable the property sourcing to commence immediately.

3. Property Search

Our property experts and partners help to source the best locations for services accommodations and best prices. You are carried along with our choice of property location.

4. Success

Once our choice of property is located and sales agreed with property owners or agents then the balance of 70 percent is then requested..

5. Onboarding

Manny property then commence the on boarding process to get your investment ready  by signing all legal document with our legal partners. Then a company sealed certificate of share holding on the property is issued

6. Property

Once the property is purchased and all necessary document is in place then Manny property carry out the furnishing with our interior designers to bring the apartment to high standard which allows for high rental values and occupancy.

7. Promotion

Our properties are advertised in over 20 platforms including Air BnB,,, triivago, nairaland and many other property letting platforms. All this is to give our properties go market reach and rental turnover of over 50 percent...

8. Profit and Yearly ROI

You will receive a yearly statement detailing the revenue for the period and all expenses made during the period. profit is then shared after deduction the 30 percent management fee for the period. Note that your profit is based on the percentage share in the property. This will be stated in your contract with Manny Groups Limited.


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