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Our goal is to create values by helping our clients achieve their life goals through our services.

E. N. Agholor CEO Manny Groups


Manny Groups is a United Kingdom premier real estate and freight forwarding organisation with over 16 years experience of providing international freight to majorly Nigerians and other citizens of the world.

The organisation has recently embarked on property development projects for Nigerians in diaspora focusing on delivery smart and affordable homes in secured and green neighbourhoods in the city capital of Nigeria.


April 2008

Worldwide Link Limited

In 2008 the organisation was registered with the UK companies house as worldwide link limited as a freight forwarding organisation with first office at Erith Kent. From the time of inception it has offered reliable and quality freight services to thousands of Nigerians and others hence becoming a household name. The founder and CEO Mr. Emmanuel Agholor was nick named WORLDWIDE by many freight agents and customers alike. Worldwide link have provided reliable freight services to thousands of customers while it continues innovate. 

July 2017

Manny Groups Limited

The organisation names was changed and registered with the UK companies House in order to accommodate the founders new business initiatives hence Manny Groups. The organisation now provides Real Estate and Freight Forwarding services as demands for such services continue to grow with the Nigeria society and in general.

January 2024

Courier & Cargo Centers


As the freight forwarding industry continues to grow so its competition also hence innovation is needed to remain relevant. The 3Cs is a new innovation being launched in January 2024. This a partnership model that will be located in about 50 cities in the United Kingdom with 5 years. Watch out !. 

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