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What we do...

We work hard to research the best property market for our clients through our team of property experts and developer with an aim of making our clients investment returns the best possible yield. We focus in the UK property market as its one of the most reliable in the world. Our UK clients includes first buyers, UK investors and International Investors looking for good opportunity.


International Property Market

We  support UK residents to look at the international property markets in order to spread their investment portfolio. 

Hence we collaborate with Nigeria property developers in providing the best property locations for our international investors. The US property market is another location we are conversant with thus offering great deals for our clients.


Property investment is a great opportunity to make your money work for you and securing a great retirement age. However most people do not have the knowledge required in getting the best of the opportunity available. Hence Manny Groups provides the expert advice in making it easier and stress free for our customers in making the right choice when buying their investment homes. 


Our Completed Project

Commercial to Town Centre

Buy-To-Let – Doncaster 


Starting prices from £75,000

Reserve from under £3,500

• 51 Attractive 1 bedroom properties available

• A top-quality commercial to residential conversion scheme

• A convenient town centre location

• Aimed at the profitable professional market

• Ready for occupation in March 2019

• Demand set to rise further in the coming years

Commercial to Town Centre 

Buy-To-Let – Doncaster 

Latest Interior Designs

We offer interior designs and furnishings on request

Contact us on 02036747272 for free consultation or book an appointment.



86 Upper Wickham Lane Welling

Kent United Kingdom

DA16 3HQ

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